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What is R&RTM and R&R SansTM

R&RTM contains the starting dose of static daily dosed nutrients and nutrients requiring variable daily dosing range for optimal results. Static dose nutrients are the cofactors (vitamins and minerals) required for serotonin and dopamine synthesis. The static dose also includes L-cysteine, which addresses thiol depletion, which may occur with the administration of serotonin or dopamine precursors. Variable daily dosed nutrients include the serotonin and dopamine amino acid precursors.

R&R SansTM contains the nutrients found in R&R, where the optimal individual response is dependent on access to a variable dosing range.


Clinical experience is the basis for this side effect discussion.

Many times when a side effect arises, it is not from the nutrients. Under these circumstances stopping or decreasing the nutrient dose is not indicated. If there is confusion in managing a side effect, contact NeuroResearch Centers, Inc. at


Paradoxical reactions occur at the start of care under the hyposerotonergic condition protocol. In the first week (level-1), when the patient’s symptoms worsen or new symptoms develop, consider a paradoxical reaction. The proper management approach to increase the nutrient dose to the next level (level-2). If increasing the dose is the proper thing to do, the paradoxical reaction will resolve in 2 to 3 days (not 2 to 3 weeks). Response to increasing the daily dose verifies the need for these nutrients.

Instruct all new patients that during the first week of taking nutrients, if any problems arise, stop the nutrients until they can consult with the caregiver.

Other situations which require proper management include, but are not limited to, the following, which are beyond the scope of this writing; call NeuroResearch Centers, Inc. for assistance.

  • GI upset (nausea) on startup (first dose)
  • GI upset (nausea) after week one (level-2 or higher)
  • Determining if a side effect is from a nutrient or drug
  • Dizziness
  • Appetite suppression associated with excess weight loss
  • When the pills quit working
  • Residual symptoms from improperly adjusted nutrients
NIH Quote

Regarding vitamin B6 toxicity, a comprehensive review of peer-reviewed literature reveals divergent claims. We looked to the National Institute of Health, which claims the risk of vitamin B6 toxicity is reversible and starts with the administration of one gram of vitamin B6 per day for one year.