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Medical foods (tablets or pills) for the management of symptoms caused by hyposerotonergic, hypodopaminergic, and hypoglutathionemia conditions.

Symptoms caused by low concentrations of serotonin or dopamine may accompany disease symptoms and may be identical to disease symptoms.

The protocol link below is the HyposerotoninergicTM / HypodopaminergicTM condition (low serotonin) starting point protocol.” This is the starting point for all patients with symptoms caused by low concentrations of serotonin, dopamine, or glutathione; the exception is the Hypodopaminergic conditions protocol found on the protocol link above is required as the starting point for the management of Hypodopaminergic (low dopamine) condition symptoms as found in Parkinson’s disease or restless leg syndrome (RLS).

We refer to the Hyposerotoninergic / Hypodopaminergic condition protocol below. If symptoms are still present on level 3, one test (urinary serotonin and dopamine) is required to determine if continuing the serotonin or dopamine protocol is required. Testing on level 1 or level 2 is not associated with the accuracy of testing on level 3 in determining if the patient needs to continue the serotonin or dopamine protocol. See the “lab basis” link above.

For the management of symptoms caused by low concentrations of serotonin, dopamine, or glutathione
(Hyposerotonergic, Hypodopaminergic, or Hypoglutathionemia conditions on an optimally modified normal diet)

Combo Bottles

HyposerotoninergicTM / HypodopaminergicTM Condition Starting PointTM Protocol

Chart of Initial Protocol

Figure 1: If symptoms have resolved completely after seven days on any level, do not increase to the next level, do not order testing. Increase to the next level if symptoms are still present after seven days. Order lab testing after seven days on level 3 if symptoms are still present. Lab testing determines if the serotonin or dopamine protocol is required. Dosing levels 1-3 do not require lab testing. Do not increase to level 4 through level 9 or switch to the dopamine protocol without first obtaining a serotonin and dopamine assay.

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